Amount of GYED in 2018

The amount of the GYED is 70 percent of the parent's previous salary and is always based on the minimum wage.

Amount of GYED in 2018

Because GYED adjusts to the minimum wage amount, so if the minimum wage increases, so does the GWED amount. The minimum price in 2018 will be HUF 137,700 gross. GYED is 70 percent of a parent's previous earnings, but has a ceiling: it can't be more than 70 percent of the minimum wage. The maximum amount of GYED in 2018 will be HUF 173,502.The graduate of GYED Higher Education is a full-time student, from 2018 to 2 years of age. Its amount is adjusted to the minimum level: from 89,200 to 96,600 forints and from 112,000 to 126,350 forints (depending on the type of higher education).

Whose go?

GYED is not subject to individual rights, but depends on the insurance relationship and what is being sought. You can get a GYED who has been insured for at least 365 days in the 2 years before childbirth, and the insurance period need not be continuous. Includes certified periods of study in an EEA member state, and a minimum of 180 days of full-time study in the middle or high school year. The baby care fee expires after the child reaches the age of two, or in the case of twins up to the age of three.
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