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Depressed mothers are also at risk of depression

Fatigue, exaggerated expectations, and factory social support are the main reasons why mothers in many different countries experience depression.

"In addition to exhaustion, unfortunately, depression can also make life difficult for an adopted mother," said Karen J. Foli, a researcher at Purdue University. " she doesn't have the physical or mental support she needs, but parents who are pregnant have to face the same challenges! "

According to researchers, not only fatigue can exist in the background of depression, but too much expectation: expectant mothers often "taste what they get". The survey, which was adopted with the help of the three-month-old, also revealed that new mothers often neglected to provide support to friends or families, and did not appreciate it. They often feel sick and feel guilty because they are not as attached to the child as they want.
"A parent often finds it difficult to adapt to a child, even if he or she knows it. In a family where the child is actually transferred from one moment to the other, it can be more difficult," Foli said.
According to the researcher, more attention should be paid to the mental health of the parents receiving the elderly.