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Looking for a more dangerous boy?

According to a new study, son children are much more likely to have fatal birth defects than children.

Thirty years and more than a million cases have been studied by researchers in Austria. The kutatбs, szakterьletйn egyedьlбllу tцrtйnelmйben бllapнt the continent at a йs цsszefьggйseket that цsszekapcsolhatуk egyйrtelmыen baby nemйvel йs szьletйskor fellйpх rendellenesйgekkel as pйldбul the koraszьlйs, terhessйgi high vйrnyomбs or terhessйgi cukorbetegsйg.A tanulmбny megбllapнtotta that fiъk kцzцtt with much greater currency, they are born spontaneously prematurely. The risk of premature birth is exactly 27% higher at 20-24 weeks, 24% higher at 30-33 weeks and 17% higher at 34-36 weeks.The study also suggests that mothers who are pregnant have a 4% higher incidence rate of gestational diabetes. And mothers who are pregnant with a baby are 7.5% more at risk for high blood pressure during pregnancy.Dr. Petra Verburg, a researcher at the University of Groningen, a senior researcher, has previously published studies on the gender differences in babies. - The hiding place could be the thing to open. "We believe that gender differences in hidden functions explain the differences that occur between boys and girls," Verburg said in a statement recently.They may also be interested in:
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