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Sneaky Signs Of AnemiaWhat Do You Know About Anemia?

For example, with a child suffering from ailments, the symptoms can be completely harmless.

To understand a little bit about what anemia is, imagine it when we hold our breath. At first everything is fine, but after a short while we need to breathe again. Because without air, you can't survive without oxygen. And the oxygen needs to get from the lungs to the rest of the body. This is what the blood delivers to our body parts. And even though blood supplies oxygen, it has to "hold on" to something, and this hold on the red blood cell.

What is Poverty?

We talk about anemia when someone low hemoglobin levels, that is, not enough blood in the blood. And with a child suffering from ailments, the symptoms can be completely innocuous, such as paleness, or quick heartbeat - because if you don't have enough red blood cells, the word has to work harder to get enough oxygen to pass through the bloodstream to the body parts. As a result, the child may be weak, demented.

How does anemia develop?

The most typical reason for its development is Deficiency of vitamin B12 or folic acid. And these are most found in animal diets, so vegetarians who do not consume meat, eggs or dairy products need to take this important vitamin in any other way. Folic acid is found more in citrus fruits, green grasses and in cereals.A specific form of anemia can be sarcoma anemia, which means that the amount or quality of hemoglobin is inadequate. Certain drugs, infections and chronic diseases can also cause this type of anemia. iron deficiency anemia especially women, especially menstrual blood loss, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, because they lose a lot of iron that needs to be wasted. But it can also be seen in children, or in athletes with iron-deficiency anemia.

What can a doctor do?

First, the doctor will ask the patient how he or she is feeling lately, what he is eating, whether he is taking any medication. If your doctor suspects anemia, he will ask for a complete blood test called a simple blood test. Additional examinations may be required if necessary.

How is anemia treated?

If you have children, the most common reason for this is vashiбny. Your child may need to take extra iron in the form of a medicine, but it is worthwhile to consume more foods that contain a lot of iron, such as cereals, beans or tofu. In more severe cases, you may also need a transfusion, which may seem scary at first, but every year more than one million adults and children fall due to this operation. It'll be a real energy bomb again (VIA)Related Articles:
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