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Therefore, it is dangerous for the baby to sleep in the autumnal state

A short nap from A to B is still fine, but a longer sleep is not the ideal place for autism.

Therefore, it is dangerous for the baby to sleep in the car seat. New, baby car seats, car seats, prams, pushchairs, swings, etc. - A study of intermediate sleep deaths found that 63% of these deaths occur in autistic deaths. The study investigated 348 deaths between 2004 and 2014, 90% of which caused the problem of not using the device properly: for example, the child was not of sufficient size while traveling. More than half of autistic deaths occurred in children homes. Jeffrey Colvin, a pediatrician at Kansas City Children's and Mercy Hospital, said at the beginning of the study that infant sacrifices were a lot of premature babies, but they slept in these devices. According to the pediatrician, the greater number of cases could have been prevented with greater care.

Why is it not safe to sleep and sleep?

When babies are sleeping indoors, their heads may fade, causing the passageways to become obstructed and the little ones to breathe. This is called positional suffocation, which, according to a study published in 2015, is the cause of 48% of deaths in autistic life in children younger than two years. In 52% of the remainder, improperly fastened straps caused suffocation.According to the Canadian Children's Court, if the travel time has not been long - the exact value of the trip has not been set - then there is no problem with the baby having fun in the car. Assuming that this is the destination, parents will get out of the car and will not let you sleep. Autism is tested at a very specific angle, so when you remove these tools from your vehicle, your baby's posture changes. Because the baby can move into a so-called C shape, where Bella is busting. - If you do not attach the baby, you may crawl in the middle of the seat, in this posture, which may block the airway. And if the parents release only the chest buckles, not the leg pads, the baby can wrap in the chest straps while moving, And this can also cause choking - explains Katherine Hutka, chairman of the Canadian Child Safety Association. Jeffrey Colvin also pointed out that the number of deaths in the autopsy is very high. According to the research, in 30% of cases, the caregiver also slept while the baby slept so much longer in the autopsy. "These babies are in a long space, and they could be in the car for the night," says Jeffrey Colvin.

What can a parent do for baby safety?

It is advisable to limit the travel time of one car in the car, and in the case of longer travel it is advisable to stop, take a break, check the baby and get rid of it. It is especially important for premature babies to be taken out of their homes often, but there is no specific recommended safe time interval. If the baby only has to spend a short period of time in the car to arrive at the destination, it may be safe to keep an eye on the little one in the midst of it. A baby sleeping on a baby is not eager to wake up, but if the baby is not just for a short nap, it is worth doing for safety. When you get home from your trip, it's a good idea to bring the cool baby into a pristine room and then put it into the baby's bed so you can fall asleep as soon as possible.(VIA)Related links: