You need a loan loan for the interest-free 10 million

During a interview, the ministers criticized the words of former minister Gergely Gulyabs, who said that without a loan and income test, it would be possible to get interest-free loans for young spouses.

Viktor Orbán also said during the discussion that the fraud action plan had not been agreed with the banks, but that the $ 10 million of guaranteed loans would not pose a risk to the banks. "If one does not give, then give another," - said the prime minister. He also said that there would be a credit crunch and for the time being he couldn't tell how many people were touching the package.You need a loan loan for the interest-free 10 million Baby Dollar Quoted on a loan agreement between July 1, 2019 and December 31, 2022, with "Baby Dollar Support". No mortgage loan will be the new loan for young housewives. The State Guarantee is 100% of the amount of capital and interest charged on the baby-friendly loan. The baby loan support insurer is not eligible for a loan guarantee from the state payee guarantee - portfolio.com claims.
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