6 strange facts about newborns

A baby baby shared his experiences with us: what are the strange yet completely normal things that are typical of a newborn baby.

I have met many desperate parents in my career as a puppy, most of the time penning unnecessarily.

"God, you got the baby?"

I ran into the hospital room where I found parents in panic leaning over their baby cot. "It's hard to breathe, is everything okay?" they asked me, almost enraged. I deal with a lot of normal and abnormal things that newborn babies do. Fortunately, the majority of these strange habits are completely natural. In the first case, everything was fine with the baby. What weird things can be? Nйzzьk!

1. Purple a baba tank

After birth, it takes time for the baby's circulation and oxygenation to be fully restored. It takes at least 10 minutes, so you do not have to worry about losing your baby and your hands and feet after the first baby is lost in your arms.

Over time, all the strange things happen

2. Your skin has more acne than you did in your teens

The skin of newborns is very sensitive, and the first 24 ounces of life are exposed to a lot of skin irritation, ranging from the gloves of the poles to the puncture that you place between your baby and the abdomen. (And they are very disinfected and whitened.) Because of this, many babies will have acne on their skin, but after a few days or weeks, they do not need to apply anything to their little skin.

3. It's like breathing in the air

If you observe your newborn baby sleeping, it may seem difficult to breathe. I always compare this to when you are more difficult to breathe after a release. But believe me, a born point is like that. They still breathe irregularly, they do not have regular regular rhythm, there is a pause for a while. (But whenever you think it's not normal for your baby to breathe, talk to your pediatrician.)

4. You cackle more than you and your partner

Хszintйn? How the hell could so many cocks come out of such a small body? Seems weird, but that's fine. In this case, your small organization is clear, gives out a lot of unnecessary things to a newborn, such as the cells of the mother are already dead small cells.

5. Very hairy

You may know, but the newborns' skin is covered with a little fluffy hair, and this time it will fall on them. For premature babies, this time is a little longer. But don't worry, sooner or later every baby's skin will be smooth.

6. You start to lose weight

Most babies have lost weight in 24 hours after birth. This is due, for example, to the purification process mentioned in section 4, but also the fluids that you have acquired during your travels in the parent canal are missing here.These will also be useful:
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