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Fudge's baby is seriously ill

Fudge and his wife Szilabgy Szilvi sad news of their baby: Sofi leukemia. The baby has already been killed, and parents are confident of waking up.

Fudge with the Deceiver (photo: Instagram) Ferenc Molnárr's Wife of Feram Molnárr, Szilvia Szilágyi has posted a sad message on their Instagram: their little one, Sophie leukemia. diagnosed with acute lymphoid leukemia, hospitalization began immediately. With that, we suddenly fell into the most frightening scenes of all parents. we are incomprehensible szбmunkra.Ugyanakkor szбz szбzalйkig sure that small lбnyunk, йletьnk йrtelme soon meggyуgyul, йs mйg erхsebben continues ъtjбt йs egйszsйgesebben the йletben. tudjбk Few but the very childhood leukйmia jу arбnyban gyуgyнthatу. Totally, all kйsхbbi kцvetkezmйny nйlkьl. we are not alone and the number lan gives a positive example of strength Let's hope our example will give power to others, and at the same time, we urge everyone; fans, cheese, and acquaintances to keep from looking. Not on the phone, either in person or in person. We will not respond, and any unwelcome visitors who come with whatever good intentions we will reject. No one can disturb your soul, peace of mind, or anything. My son and myself, thank you very much for understanding and honoring this! " leads to the vein and then to the heart.The singer and his wife are very confident in their baby's recovery. Childhood leukemia can be cured in a very good way, and now Sofia is doing his best.Sophie, Fudge's Baby and Wife, Szilvi Before the Night