Holiday with lessonsSuccess is not always hundreds

Surely one cannot pay attention to everything! However, the success of a vacation with a small child depends primarily on the preconditions. And by accident.

We wanted successful holidays for everyone to learn. Of course, the big question is, can you prepare for such a challenge! Therefore, it does not make sense to focus first and foremost on maintaining your sense of humor.
Evelin Engel: It's an accident every day
We spent summer in Tunisia with my sister and a small group of kids. Before we left, the first unpleasant surprise we had at home was when we found out that our plane picked up at thirty at five o'clock instead of on the way home. However, we did not let this be to our liking, after arriving in Monastir, just three ounces of the kids were lapping in the sea. It didn't take ten minutes for my daughter Domi to shuffle around, shaking her mouth with her mouth, and a jellyfish teased. It turned out that the teddy bears were just drawing, only those who came today were in the water. On the second day we spend a lot of experienced holidays by the pools. Of course, the children could not be fished out of the water. By evening, Domi's eyes were as red as the bunny's. Kцtхhбrtya-gyulladбs! Luckily, we were assured that neither the doctor nor the eye dropper had to be paid. On the third day after breakfast, my daughter complained of stomachache. He was pushing the bed all day and had diarrhea and stomach cramps, so we had to cancel our pre-paid day trip. Tomorrow morning he was feeling better, we thought we were in trouble for three and could not happen to us anymore. Poor Poor Domi didn't even save a shot, and on the fourth day a dry bush crossed her entire sole. I also told you how injustice is that something always happens to Domi. And I wonder: on the fifth day I broke my ring finger.
Klári Balбnyi: Back to the baby
We also have a little rest, leave the baby at home, as they still do not enjoy the holiday, we said with Tamba. On alternate days, I spent two days alone. Not that we had enjoyed the trip for so long, we just didn't love it any longer without our little baby. However, I went to him with an Urgian resolution: I will not sneeze, I will not mention the little girl, I will not call home ... I will turn off (turn off my motherly sensations), if my husband so much feels like once "only two". Why did we just go to the Szarvasks tourist center near Eger in February? Maybe we'll be alone for two ... Well, that's it. Train, bus, long sticks in the dark, while arriving at the cold, coldly congested tourist hut. The other day we didn't like the cityscape of Eger, we came home with our little train from the South. After spending almost a quarter of a century with our children, we had many memorable vacations, and we also became rarer of the "abandonment of children".
Rita Makaris: Are many good people fooling around in a small place?
On a recommendation we booked a smaller apartment in Balatonalig. Fifty square meters, two small rooms just in time! It was only on the spot that the two rooms were located on two separate levels, as the small, twenty-square-meter flat was completed with a guest house above. This raised a number of requests from Urbian, since the older child was a middle-aged, the smaller one-year-old, so we wouldn't have liked to put them upstairs alone, or even want to live outside today. Finally, pianoing every conceivable solution, we discovered that our skin blocked the uppermost stairs, and so we crammed into the small room on the ground floor. I was anxious with the children on the workable bed, and their father had laid himself on the ground. What should I say?… I was very happy when we left.
Sírdi Enikх: Never wearing or wearing outerwear!
The slogan of our family is that there is no spoiled holiday, just work to do. True, at the shock of finding out at the Croatian border that one of our children had passed his passport, we could not survive. We had to go back. One year later - also in Croatia - a child was sick, but we started there five years ago. The truth is, we get sick here or there, because we were able to chill and heal at Mother's Day, wrapped in turkeys on the shady beach. A few days later, Andris caught the trouble, but we already had the best method. Only a small amount of discomfort remained in my memory when Zhuffi was pecking himself over the air at the airplane's neck. Of course we had no outerwear on board!
The memory of the case since then, our author is a mother of seven children. You can read her blog here!
Szхdy Judit: Forbidden in the forest
Greece, Summer, Fairy and a busy car between the beach and the beach. Getting to the water is like trying to wander on the high tide without a day underneath and without a zebra. No problem, says the owner, the neighbor's neighbor is ours, so please use your pool if you are. The seven children in the family burst out in jubilation and immediately remove the tiny fresh water. Immediately the owner appears and approaches the crowd: the guests have come here to rest, forbidden to jump, squirt, play, yell, squeal, sweat, and bust the water. A couple of times we tried quiet beaching, we also tried to get out of the water, but we gave up. We thought you might want to get to know the Greek driving habits and find the lorry that our crew can run to the sea. We just wanted to make sure we didn't forget anything at home.
Dr. Gabor Veres: The doctor's family can be sick
And there are sick people… most recently Botond started his one-week vacation at Lake Balaton by bedbugging and lying down. Two days later, Kata followed, and Anna, and finally Réka, their mother, followed. We walked into the dining room with a small lavender, ready for any eventuality. I didn't get sick either, but then we were back home from vacation - to rest, I wouldn't say that.
Kati Egresi: There is sunshine in the clouds too
My son Bence and I are in the superb hotel in the Canary Islands. Even before unpacking, we ran down to the beach to see the ocean. Although I was thoroughly refueled in Budapest with a variety of high factor sunscreens, so after my time (and even the sun did not shine) I could not think of myself. It was a big mistake! By night, my son's skin had become like the color of cooked crab, but it hurt me if I smelled it. Poor Picur didn't complain, he slept well, unlike Jin, who was constantly chastising himself. For the next three days we rented a car and searched for things to do on the island. Thickly smeared, with hideous skin, we were hiding in the animal park and on the sidewalk in front of the sun's rays. Fortunately, for the second half of the week, we have landed in a couple of times as well. We were out of trouble, but at home on the airport I got myself. The family did not fend for me, my mother was a shameless mum, twenty-one years old, who was completely unfit for parenting.