If you are breastfeeding, you are planning from breastfeeding to breastfeeding

The fact that I could breastfeed my baby was a blessing. I know that not everyone is capable or willing to breastfeed, but I am proud that I have been breastfeeding.

If you are breastfeeding, you are planning from breastfeeding to breastfeedingIt is a commitment to breastfeeding. Not just in terms of drinking coffee or a glass of wine. Until you are breastfeeding it is hard to see what exactly this commitment means. Breastfeeding is a full-time task for all people. It has a precise rhythm, which in the day-to-day organization means thinking ahead and scheduling. It was the realization that was what surprised me most about breastfeeding. Because no one warned me that my life would be made up of three phases of my life. They flow together, do not stand out sharply, as they did before, unnoticed from the night into the daytime. With a baby who sucks eight to ten times a day, life is a bit chaotic. But starting home from home is not easy at all. Preparation and planning are key.If I have to go somewhere for a long time, I need to find a place where I know I can breastfeed easily.
(Getting your car back may seem like a great place, but it's not necessarily the coolest. It's better to find a place that is breastfeeding.) My day looked something like this: before we leave the house. Changing diapers, buff. It just went into a space. Once we have it, I can pick up my spider and start. Pharmacy, car wash. And the next breastfeeding came in March. Buying, jogging, quivering and breastfeeding again. With this, it took an hour to complete the planned tasks, and it is no simpler even if you do not move out of your home.Breastfeeding, anesthesia. While you're asleep, there are two ways to get your homework done. Now she's asleep, now is the time to cook dinner, even though she's just gone. 11. Quickly throw in the shower, shower, and tease your wake, waking up. You're wondering how many things you could do in this two spaces. And you woke up. The whole thing starts again. Mуkuskerйk? Yes. Are you tired? Yes. Do you want someone to take this whole thing from you for just a few days? Yes. Would you move out of the house a bit? Yes.But motherhood is just that. Now you need me. I mean the world to me. I have three stages in my life, from breastfeeding to breastfeeding. In retrospect, I'm going to be proud of this time when she's going to kindergarten. When I'm not breastfeeding. When I'm not going to need that much. But for now, yes, so I will stick as much as I can. (VIA)
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