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Start-Up Account: What you need to know about roula?

The period before the arrival of the New Year is planning and changing, but there is also some anxiety, as we will be responsible for the happiness, happiness, safety of a little person.

Once you have decided on the color of your baby's room, you have bought the clothes, the most important baby care accessories, and it is worth thinking about the future as well as planning the future. Creating the right financial background is also important from the point of view of love and emotional security. Children grow up quickly: kindergarten, school, hereditary, university, and here is the life they need for money and start-up capital. If you get to know the opportunities that make your child easier from the very beginning of your child's life, you can save even more on your 18th birthday. What are our options for this?

Starting Account, Baby Binder: Terms, Information

$ 42,500 - That's how much start-up support is given to all children born after January 1, 2006. This amount is a deposit in the Hungarian State Treasury, which is automatically sent to the child's legal representative. This announcement should arrive within 2 and a half months of your baby's birth.

And what do we need to do to get a starting amount from this deposit and increase it with a high interest rate? Let's go to a Treasury Boy and open a so-called Start Securities account for our kid. We will need the following papers: the child has his / her residence tax card, as well as our personal ID card and residence card. You can speed up the opening of your Start Securities account by filling out the customer registration on the Hungarian Treasury's WebCash sub-page before the personal valuation.

Simple, comfortable

After opening the account, the basic amount of HUF 42,500 can be increased by ourselves or even grandparents and their relatives. This is all the more worth it, as the amount paid was supported by 10 percent from the state, up to a maximum of HUF 6,000 a year. It is also important to know that the amount of the start-up support is automatically invested in the Baby Book together with the yield, which is a long-term secure investment due to the Hungarian state guarantee.
The total number of investments - capital and contributions - as well as the annual interest are automatically invested in a series of Baby Bonds that are based on the child's year of birth. Annual interest rates are always automatically reverted to the same serial number, so you don't have to pay attention to that. It also makes it convenient for you to set up a monthly one-time transfer trust and do nothing else. The account manager, other account manager, transfer agent, performance of the commissions and payment of the Hungarian Treasury Treasury does not charge any fees.

Savings can be made in one sum

Starting with the 18th birthday, young people have the most access to money on Start Securities, but they can withdraw the entire amount from EHO and interest-free. (We can't take money out of the details.) What you should know is that not only children born after January 1, 2006 can benefit from a Start Securities account: while those born earlier are entitled to more than $ 250 . In this case, the family has to pay 25 thousand forints at the time of opening, the annual interest, the state - up to 6 thousand forints per year - the child still has to pay.