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The sick child is more likely to become ill

In kindergarten, sick children are a little more likely to catch a disease - a recent Norwegian study found.

Vidar Sandsaunet Ulset, a researcher at the Department of Psychology at the University of Oslo, who studied with 579 children and three children between the ages of three and a half years.The sick child gets sick more often (pic: iStock) We wanted to find out how popular the health of children is with other children, and they came to the conclusion that the most popular children are sick the least"It indicates that social inequality affects health and it begins in childhood. Many studies have pointed out that this is the case in adulthood," the researcher told the Aftenposten newspaper.
"Human herds, and those excluded by the herd, respond biologically in a specific way. Organisms are prepared to attack and be harmed, while at the same time protecting the organism against bacteria and viruses."
The research asked the children to embark on a fancy bus trip and tell them who in the group they wanted to go with. Children can take pictures of their chosen secretaries and put them on the bus. Children receive information about their parents' filled-in questionnaires. When morbidities were mapped, it was observed that the infertile children were many times sick. The morbidities reported included common colds, including eyes, ears, neck, lungs.
"We found little context and many explanations as to why children become ill. The popularity of children plays a very small role in this," the researchers summarized the results. , they will not be unhelpful because they are very ill.Sandsaunet Ulset added: "However, research also points out that social relationships are important for health as well as the importance of being inclusive with children." "The effect of social inequalities on health probably starts from early childhood," he added.