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These are the things to look out for when your baby's skin is taken care of this fall

Adults are often affected by the change of season, but babies may be more sensitive to changes in the weather or even to the quality of the air.

These are the things to look out for when your baby's skin is taken care of this fall

What can we do to relieve this period? Dr. Makleit Laszlo Belonging to help with some helpful tips.

Pay attention to air quality!

We cannot close the gap between the four walls, and even have to breathe in the autumn. It only requires a little more insight, because in addition to the cold, air pollution has to be taken into account. With the onset of the heating season, smoke and smog can mildly irritate the eyes. Because of the heat, the air in the apartment is drier, which dries the skin and the mucous membrane of the air, so it is very important to keep it properly moisturized and to keep it clean.

Get ready for the outdoor games!

"With really cool, windy weather on the skin exposed to the cold, the sun, the face, hands can develop redness, wounds. Therefore, on cooler days, outdoor beans, like to have a little bit of sap. and the upper part of the epithelium has not thickened yet, the skin is more easily dried out on the wound.

Prevent diaper dermatitis!

"We can think that skin irritation under the diaper can only cause problems in the summer because of the warmth. Unfortunately, it happens in the fall as well, because on warmer days we tend to reposition the baby and the skin is easy to spot." Before changing clothes and diapers, you should always leave your skin and bends completely dry, and in this case, it is recommended to use a towel and a pop hat. Using a damp cloth designed for babies can help prevent diaper dermatitis.

Don't forget about the right vitamin supplement!

"In the autumn, due to less sunshine, vitamin D supplementation should be intensively monitored. In infancy, about 10-15 micrograms per day are required; to the pediatrician, because it doesn't matter if you have a baby who is breastfeeding or is nutritionally fed, "the insomnia added.