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Funny dinner?

The human placenta is consumed in Khan with perennial traditions, and is eaten not only raw, cooked, cooked, but also in capsule form.


According to one study, 250 yuan ($ 36) is asking for a placenta, despite the fact that the Ministry of Health in 2005 banned trade "It's rich in nutrients and good for health," said a senior Kong physician who retired in 2006 from a department of the Heilongjiang Provincial Hospital. "I've consumed it many times," he added.

Why is the 'hideout' so healthy?

Among the valuable nutrients, vitamins, and minerals found in the placenta, iron and vitamin B12 should be highlighted. Foolishly, if consumed by a parent, it will make breastfeeding easier and reduce the chance of postpartum depression.
You can get it in dehydrated form, in capsule form, many people are drinking fruit smoothies, but there are also special recipes for extreme food.
Certainly, some think that hiding increases the body's resistance to disease, and is particularly effective for people with a deteriorating state of health.
"If a mother is very healthy and gives birth to a baby, then the placenta will grow," says a name asking to be silenced.
A East Asian Economic and Trade News reporter published a placenta review and revealed that the Jilin Province and the Liberation Court in the Jilin province had a generous postcard. According to a Global Times report, after preliminary discussions, the science received a bloody blanket at a pre-arranged date in a black nylon bag.
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