Let's practice separation!

The first divorce is birth - newborns therefore live through the power of the resuscitation, sometimes brought into contact with their mother: hear heartbeat, smell it.

While the newborn is breastfed several times a day for a long period of time, after three months of natural curiosity, she is more and more interested in the world, and shorter breaks for a while. Don't be disturbed if you see that you are looking at yourself with a lot of fun. We can safely leave you alone for a few minutes. It is best to be accustomed from the first few weeks to accept other dear adults, such as father, grandmother, other relative or babysitter. It is important that you see them often, pleasant conditions are experienced at such times, and that tearing is always gradual. The small number is also a requirement when we go out of the room or lay down in the evening. The smaller, the more desperate her mother is. Again and again, you need to make sure you do not get in trouble or come back to him without delay. Let's give it a proper age. Behave confidently: let go of it after stroking, caressing (depending on age, practice it can take from five minutes to half a day).
Strengthen our words with our body language: let's cut it off with a cool face, powerful, short hugging, kissing! Don't let go of goodbye!
However, be careful not to let it go unexpectedly!
Let's leave something safe for the baby: a stuffed animal, a sucker, our own clothes.
When returning, let us spend at least a quarter of our time on the little one, take it to our arm if you want it, but don't get used to it or let us know.
Let's play with the babies, the animals, that daddy's mother will go and come back often.