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Such is when a man is breastfeeding

One of the great things that men have been deprived of is nature of breastfeeding. But what if they can try something very similar?

Sometimes, for some reason, the mother cannot or may not breastfeed her baby, but she does not have enough milk. In this case, there is more opportunity to feed your baby beyond the usual, for example, someone who gets milk from a breastfeeding condition, is helped by a relative, or a close friend. But it can also happen that the mother has to milk the milk for some reason, and a grandparent or a dad feeds the nipple. The father has been able to feed his children so far. So, of course, after all, a medical miracle did not happen, men can not breastfeed. However, BuzzFeed introduced one breast milk simulatorwhich is why men are much more likely to experience what breastfeeding is. Of course, breast milk is indispensable. The men in the video below have decided to try to be a breastfeeding mother. The simulator also has its own weight, so one of the men in the column noted that he had a heavy weight in his neck and back. The specialist tells them how to use, how to "babysit" babies.But of course, we could not quite understand what it is like to be a woman, but perhaps a little closer to what a breastfeeding woman might be.You may also be interested in these articles:
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