The first signs of asthma

Many people identify asthma only with an asthma attack: the patient suddenly suffocates, does not breathe, has a need for wheezing and inhalation, which will make them better.

The first signs of asthmaHowever, this is just the tip of the iceberg, asthma has a much larger face, and due to its varied symptoms, it is often just not diagnosed at the onset of a true asthma seizure. Dr. Potecz Gyцrgyi lung, allergologist, a doctor at the Allergy Center in Buda said that asthma is being signaled by early signs, just as we have already diagnosed patients with worsening.

It is not natural for you to gasp after running the bus

Asthma can also be a symptom if you lightly swallow, often the first sign of illnessstress-relieving difficulty. It may be an intimate sign if a child does not take part in a toothache, and running is often accompanied by a wheezing, coughing attack. Asthma can also develop in adulthood, not just a lack of self-esteem if you lose your breath for even a little while. Oftentimes, the disguise of the disease is obscured, and the affected person thinks that the fatigue in the midst of the walk is merely the result of carrying extra kilos, and indeed the symptoms of asthma.

Nighttime seizures

When lying down, you may be coughing up chronicle for example because of an allergy orrmellйkьreggyulladбs also, the hiccups caused by a rupture of the pharynx do not allow the patient to sleep. It is often caused reflux also, when acidic gastric juice from the stomach to the esophagus irritates the throat, it causes a coughing sensation. Nocturnal seizures are often the first signs of asthma and should not be overlooked. If we do not consult a doctor, we risk not only sleep deprivation, but also the underlying disease may become more severe.

What happens when we see a doctor?

If you have symptoms suggestive of asthma, a sore throat can help with your treatment. Repetitive cramps and exertional distress will definitely be necessary in the first instance Respiratory function test to help you get a picture of your lung status. If during the examination it is found that the symptoms are caused by asthma, the attending physician will schedule a personalized treatment, which will eliminate the symptoms completely in a timely manner. Asthma is not curable but can be treated, patients can achieve a good quality of life similar to their healthy counterparts with appropriate treatment.

Do I need to take medication for ages?

Asthma treatment is gradual, with symptoms primarily determined by the regularity of the patient's medication. THE half - an annual control Occasionally, the current status can be changed depending on the treatment up and down, and the amount of medication needed can be increased or decreased. There is no need to take the same medications for cows, and with constant control, we set the amount at which the patient can live asymptomatic and exercise - explains dr. Potecz Gyцrgyi.Related articles in Asthma:
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