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They're asking for hell

To get to know the mother-fetus relationship, analyze the baby's feelings now and then take a closer look at the list. Fever that occurs spontaneously after childbirth or, if not, is tested for weeks because it is considered the first sign of life.

They're asking for hell

Last time, we re-talked about interactive movements. We gave birth to physiological evidence of fetal pain, amniocentesis-induced polycystic fever. Emotions are expressed in the earliest evidence of Humphrey's 12-15. filmed abortion between weekly fetuses. The distorted face of the dolls displayed a wide array of emotions.


It doesn't hurt to recall Humphrey's evidence of fetal fat once. 21-23. Therapeutic abortions between weekly fetuses have registered blood pressure in about forty cases, which is possible when fetuses get larinx around the air. Under certain conditions, the air may reach this area and you may hear a rush.
Another researcher, Truby, analyzed the frequency of 26-27 weeks old fetuses using a spectrogram (a stained image of a spectrograph). These babies were prematurely born and weighed 900 grams. The craftsmen showed a great amount of sound pattern between the baby and her mother. This result suggests that sound pattern is not genetic, but also the learning and experiential results of the pre-natal lifetime.
Looking back at the baby's senses, we can say that baby crying has a whole other meaning than what was previously attributed to it. Conventional medicine and, to this effect, public health, postnatal or postnatal fat has been, and still is, considered a sign of viability.
Fatigue is a stressful form of communication, exposes your newborn organization to a frontier. Pillai and James were also investigating this matter. The results were dramatic: it turned out that during the moaning, the baby's heart rate was labile, often reaching the 200 frequency, which is not a malicious phenomenon. Fatigue is a very strong form of communication, with which the baby seeks to bring awareness of his or her physical and mental condition to the environment and expects parents to eliminate it.

The consequences of an inheritance

Unfortunately, in our overwhelming majority, those who are active in the field of childbirth are very persistent and many people still hold on to the fact that babies do not feel, This enormous loss has no small role to play in the many unnecessary suffering of the 20th century.
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