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AMH levels are also very much a loss of fertility

The value of AMH is very important in terms of clearing the child to the present state of fertility, as its low level indicates the end of fertility.

AMH levels are also very much a loss of fertilityBecause the propensity to betrayal is nowadays very much extended, many people are affected by the abnormal value of AMH, especially if they are on PCOS. It depends on the combination of inadequate AMH levels and PCOS dr. Koppbny Victoribul, the BUD Endocrine Center PCOS and insulin resistance specialist.

PCOS, AMH- strange shortcuts, mean

PCOS: shortening is the polycystic ovarian syndrome that causes smaller or larger fluid-filled cysts in the ovaries. The background of the condition is a hormone disorder in which the male sex hormones are overstimulated in women, so that they cannot properly break down and become overexposed to cysts. Insulin resistance, also known as type 2 diabetes, is often present in the background. Treatment of PCOS involves lifestyle therapy (personalized diet + regular exercise) and, if necessary, medication therapy.AMH: ъn. antimuller hormone is still produced by pre-mature oocytes, so it can be inferred from the level of ovarian function and how long it can be fertile. Unfortunately, over the years this level gradually decreases, so in a low volume flask program there is a need for some kind of participation, and even a very low level often does not help. Although it mainly affects members of the older age group, you still have ailments and conditions that have a significant influence on the amount of AMH. Such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, menopause, and PCOS in this case are caused by excessively high AMH levels.

How does PCOS and abnormal AMH levels depend?

Studies have shown that PCOS and AMH levels are very closely correlated, not just the risk of Type 2 diabetes, but also the risk of inactivity. AMH is expressed in overexpressed levels in PCOS granulosa cells, meaning that patients with the disease have significantly higher levels of AMH. The problem with this is that too , because it inhibits the sensitivity of the ovarian receptors to FSH (which stimulates the ovaries). That is why the menstrual cycle is confused and anovulatory in the case of PCOS, which results in a delay in childbirth, explains dr. Viktoria Koppany, PCOS and insulin resistance specialist at the Buda Endocrine Center.


Fortunately, PCOS can be treated very effectively, requiring 3 factors: a personalized diet, regular exercise, and medication when needed. It is worth knowing that vitamin D deficiency is very common in PCOS, so it is worth paying close attention to this too! If the treatment is successful, the AMH level returns to normal.Related articles in PCOS:
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