When a psychiatrist greets him on the diet, it's no wonder he gets punched there: eat what makes him happy. But what exactly is it?


When a psychiatrist writes a book about the right routine, it is not at the center of your inquiry about wisdom. Drew Ramsey, the co-author of The Happiness Diet, believes that good health and happiness can be achieved if the brain is consistently supplied with all the nutrients that are optimal for nutrition Modern American Trend called the most common diet does not supply the brain with the right nutrients. Processed foods high in sugar and toxins add to obesity as well as depressed effects, which, according to the psychiatrist, may be even more dangerous than overweight. Research shows that the brain of older people is aging faster than normal people, and overweight is associated with dementia.
"Focusing on better mental health, Happiness focuses on nutrient intake from the brain," Ramsey said. "Although weight loss can be achieved with this schedule, the primary goal is to increase brain power."

Eat this to be happy!

Ramsey and his co-author, Tyler Graham Health Renewal, base the diet on the vital elements of happiness. Examples include vitamin B12, which plays a role in the optimal functioning of brain cells, as well as magnesium, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids, which improve memory, counteract seasonal depression, and neurons. According to Ramsey, nutrition plays a key role in primary prevention in psychiatry. For example, when someone is not consuming enough calories, they may become depressed and irritable, so if their patients are willing to accept his or her advice, the psychiatrist will help them change their diet.
"It's good for you," says Ramsey, "that the Happiness Diet consists of the foods we love." It is a basic vegetarian diet, but meat is also an important part. The green foods used are made from organic ingredients, because such plants retain their vitamin content. Healthy food is naturally a diet contains less fat and sodium. Ramsey lists it in the New Diet
  • the best energy-efficient foodset (mixed salad, stone, chocolate, diу, red beans, potatoes),
  • the hangulatjavнtуkat (wild salmon, prawn, chives, chilli, blueberry, garlic),
  • And a improved concentration food (eggs, grazed beef, organic whole milk, grapefruit, lemon, berry fruits, brussels sprouts).

According to Ramsey, many people claim that organic food is more expensive, but considering how much money the modern American diet spends on health care over the long term, this price is nothing. "It's worth investing in our brains," concludes the expert.
Baby Room: Only buzgun can approve! It is not the purpose of fasting and calorie reduction but to provide the body with what it needs, with as full, fresh, healthy greens and fruits as possible.
What you feed on is usually nutrient-poor, junk food: Juices, sweetened, fatty calorie bombs, low in fiber.