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Why should we think about the future of our child in time?

When a baby is born and lives in the first euphoric condition, there is no need to think about what to do with the diminutive future. Little kid is a little worry, big kid is a big problem - the Hungarian saying goes by that everyone who has ever raised a child agrees, in this case this big truth also applies to costs.

One of the most important goals of any parent is to provide their children with the best parenting and childhood possible, even better than what they have been given. Unfortunately, education and ongoing support as the years go by can put a heavy financial burden on parents, training, higher education, studying, foreign studies. This extra expense can cost up to millions of items a year, so it is better to start and save some time.

How much does a child cost?

Numerous surveys have been prepared about how much it costs to raise a child. The first few months before childbirth can barely be spared below half a million forints. If we then calculate the average monthly cost of $ 30- $ 40 a child, which can grow up to several times more with age, .

We gather for further learning and home-making

According to the research, the most important goal for parents is to continue their education and to support home-making, but many also save freely available cash assets. It is an interesting finding that child designers save more on the health and future education of prospective children than those who are currently parents. And if all this was not enough for retirement education, it is a fact that almost half of the responding parents still support or plan to support an adult child with an income and a home of their own.

Savings options

In Hungary, the two most popular forms of child savings in 2014 are Life Insurance and Baby Bills and the associated Start Account. Still, many people should keep their cash or bank deposits in the money intended for children, but due to interest rates beyond inflation, these options are not worth discussing at a mere mention. It is worth comparing maturity, yields, and eligible state support to help our seedling start a young adult life to the full potential of our family budget.