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Are you ready for the door? Let's help you choose!

Even with heartache and aloofness, we are losing farewell to three years of babysitting, hoping to be in the new phase of our lives!

Because something else starts for both of us, that's for sure. How do we get used to the timetable? How do we get in the morning and into the workplace? How do we find the new environment, new people, and how does the fall fall?
Mother and child have many similar sensations for the first couple of months. Although the new "curriculum" will only start in September, we will have to apply for the selected institution in the first week of May. Now we have to decide which one we have a couple of months to enjoy our independence, our closeness, and our preparation for common good.

Mom is at work

We bring the baby back to the chick, the ovi, the baby because we're getting to work. If material considerations compel you to do so, and with the good of heart, the first period will be difficult, but let's not give our own pain to the little ones. Head up, let's start cheerfully, so he will be easier to get used to the inevitable. Today, more and more people continue to work after short, up to one-year jobs.
Many cannot leave their jobs for long periods of time and choose to reconcile family and occupation. Let's think that it is not the amount of time spent with the small child, but the quality. Enjoy the part that remains after the day, or the wits, let's deal with the little one, do it together, talk, and play our homework. Our fun gives him warmth and enough love for him for the time we don't spend with him.

Does the child want to play games?

If the mother is at home with the baby, a half-day visitation it could also prove to be a satisfying solution if you did not have to travel between your home and the nursery during your small dining or sleeping hours. We also have to keep in mind that a child coming to kindergarten - at least in the first semester - is constantly bringing home newer and newer infections. In addition, when the bigger school comes, the brothers are less polished, and they find it harder to play later.
THE door for the day There are also many benefits to having: all children have the opportunity to engage in activity, and, in the same way, fraternity and parental benefit mean having only one child for half a day. There are those who are fortunate enough to be able to choose between the different institutions that best suit the needs of their children.

You choose an ovi where your child is comfortable

Different, loudly proclaimed pedagogical theories can sometimes only be traced, or even traced, in everyday practice. There is a lot to do with the personal charms of the lunar, the kid and the material. We do our best to visit the ovik in the room with our small child and personally make sure you are comfortable with the place. On prior appointment, welcome to small parties at most ovis, and parent meetings for prospective ovis parents.

What criteria do we choose?

  • The most important thing is your personality and your childhood. If you are a good kid with us, you are assured of your spiritual and psychological development, and what kind of pedagogical program the group works with.
  • The proximity of the kindergarten is important, as many trips will burden the child and the parent.
  • We ask how much time children spend outdoors, whether they have the right mobility, and that they have enough space.
  • Flexibility is an important aspect: if it turns out, can you sleep there, or vice versa, can we bring you some days off, can they provide a special diet when needed.
  • Church, music, sports

    In these schools they put more emphasis on themes that fit their imagewhich are also more prominent in our daily activities. Of course, there are other programs, so the stories are told in the music door, craftsmanship, and the kids move on.
    Don't expect your four-year-old child to play the violin, just because we're into music. Church institutions usually welcome anyone who accepts the kindergarten program and do not force anyone to practice religious practice, but they also introduce the little ones with a lot of nice habits and histories. It is very healthy for everyone to start a mobility lifestyle as soon as possible.
    If we can, we will choose a place where our child has plenty of opportunities for outdoor exercise, but we will only compete in competitive sports if we like it.

    Alternative уvodбk

    Unfortunately, they are still less than they need, and that few are in the capital. However, with Szill Initiative you can start a kindergarten, or you can invite a special kindergarten teacher who deals with the desired method for children.
    There are countless examples of this in western countries, and a significant part of the cost of maintenance is borne by the local government. It would also be possible to enrich the program of already existing and working kindergartens with the methods of some alternative institutions.

    Montessori уvodбk

    Maria Montessori, The first physician in Italy, developed a pedagogical method for the curling children of the slums at the beginning of the century. With the help of the educational tools and objects it has developed, the children themselves come to be aware of the interdependence, driven by their own curiosity, they evolve within themselves.
    The furnishings of the kindergarten, the material environment of the child's playground, also serve this purpose. The agenda does not lack craftsmanship, vocals, music, movement, community games, roles, but these also feature specific agenda items such as silence and the sound of a fresh carpet.
    Few people know that today's school furnishings, small chairs, table linen, washbasins are based on their guidelines, and, for example, the well-known, stackable Montessori Tower.

    Waldorf уvodбk

    Rudolf Steiner The philosopher founded his first kindergarten in Switzerland in the turn of the century for the children of Waldorf Astoria cigarette factory workers. It is based on its pedagogical guidelines for today Waldorf уvodбk His outlook on life, which is the world and the person within it, is aimed at getting to know ourselves. The personalities of the educators are extremely emphatic, but with no activity, the kids group play games out of the backyard. Tool kits include items made exclusively from natural ingredients.
    It is common for children to play a lot outdoors, whatever the weather. During crafts, fairy-tales, and motion sickness (eurythmia), children are free to follow the course of their education. The daily activities are sold with songs, sayings, customs, the whole of the kindergarten life (days, weeks, phases) are sold, the holidays.
    Association of Basic and Private Schools, T .: 215-6220, Alternative Pedagogical Workshop, T .: 212-1303
    Waldorf Tanzer Institute, Solymber, Attila u. 41. T.: 26 / 360-145
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