Unpleasant symptoms after bathing

Some of the ingredients in sunlight or sunscreen, but also in the pool water, can cause itchy bumps all over the body. Dr. Ildikou Vincze, a skin care cosmetologist at Dermatica, was asked how to alleviate the symptoms.

Unpleasant symptoms after bathing

Kicks, blemishes, cheating from the sun

Such unpleasant symptoms can occur if our skin is sensitive to sunlight. You don't even have to go for a full day of beaching, and you can lure out excursions even on a mild spring day. However, in the summer, as we spend more time in the sun, the symptoms may be more common. Of course, the most important thing in prevention is avoiding sunlight, but if you don't want to spend the summer in your home, sunblock creams that are developed for your targeted skin problem can help. These are also very important to use in the sun, as there is enough UV radiation in our skin to cause the symptoms to appear.

Medicines, chemicals and fragrances

In the case of photoallergy, taking certain medications or sunblock and other cosmetics cause unpleasant symptoms, due to sunlight. Very often, there are complaints about taking antibiotics or taking antihypertensive drugs. Exposure to sunlight results in skin discoloration, blemishes, cheating, itching, and swelling. In such cases, antihistamines and anti-inflammatory creams may help to reduce symptoms.

Pool water can also cause symptoms

Irritant eczema, a type of hypersensitivity, when any of the chlorine used to cleanse the pool develops eczema-like symptoms. Usually high concentrations of chlorine or prolonged contact cause symptoms. Typically, eczema or atypical - very dry skin - individuals are more sensitive to chlorine water from the outset, although such complaints occur more often after bathing. Anti-inflammatory creams and antihistamines may help treat the symptoms. Before bathing, it is important to carefully care for the skin with hydrated body poles.
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