How did my child become?

There are some who are very easy going, but there are more and more who are struggling for years to have children. Why is it so difficult? Anikok's revolutionary track record boasts a number of success stories!


Christian Anumb (30) is the chief executive officer
At week 35 Tibor Keresztes (29) is a direct marketing assistant
Their little boy: Erik (3) You can read Anikу's blog in the baby room here! Here you can also find out how we went about it. But now let's see how it started!
Week seven began with failed bear treatment. They went to the Kabul Institute, the Buda Medieval Center, demanded optimal family planning services, had an exsanguination test, and finally had hormone treatment. The result was just twenty pounds of excess weight, depression, skin problems, hormone treatment, other unpleasant side effects, and a ruined marriage, the only conceivable pregnancy that resulted in miscarriage.

At this point, he might have finished it, but that's when Anikou's life started a series of wonders!

- In the spring of 2005, we met Tibor on an internet strategy quiz page. Almost from the first moment I knew he was the one I was expecting. We moved a year or so later and asked for my hand on my birthday! Of course we really wanted to have a baby, but after all, we had the impression that it wouldn't be easy. . We have heard of a taxi woman living in Taksony, Ms. Klari, a "bosir" who has helped a couple in similar shoes. So they heard that all women who had been treated with this type of treatment had become pregnant. Encouraged by this, they turned to him confidently, and as it turned out shortly, it was no use! The next treatment was the condition of the surplus.
- I suppose you didn't hesitate too long to see me! What did Klear's method use?
- Yes, we have agreed that some treatment will be provided so that we do not want to have a baby. When I first came to it, I was completely disbelieved, but on all grounds, it was tested. I was facing him, touching my knee with one hand and holding a shirt in the other. There was an A4 sheet in front of him, with many diseases listed on each side. She started reading and the pendulum swung from the ones I found. Incredible, but listed all my problems! He then told me what he was suggesting, and afterwards gave him energy, he stated that he had also succeeded in opening the fallopian tubes. He heals with energy and has all sorts of natural remedies. Tibor and I have also taken what we call the Oriental Miracle, this over-sized capsule, with some sort of tarry stick. On the way home, we didn't bother with my brother, we just tried to process our story. And then the other day I was feeling really good and just asking when we were getting closest.
- That was in November, and then the wedding ended in January. Then you're expecting a real baby?
- We talked a lot about the baby, and after deciding on treatment with Aunt Klari, we got it covered before the wedding. Then very soon, by the end of December, she took a pregnancy test for happiness and a Christmas gift. Yes!!! We'll have a kid! I think no one can ask for a more wonderful sensation! In February, we were on a twelve-week ultrasound. It was Ubiquitous! It's incredible to see a baby develop, an inexplicable relief that everything is fine. By the age of seventeen, we also knew that Erik was living in the tummy, and it would come to light by the end of August."Everything could have gone on like this in the big book, because you were planning to have a baby!"
- Wonderful after the first few months, we started the year 2008 with great happiness: the pregnancy test again! But unfortunately, by the twelfth week, it turned out that my pregnancy, like the first one, was dead. There is an unspeakable amount of regret in me, but I am deeply saddened by my conscience, because without her support and humanity, I would not have started a new ordeal. Unfortunately, the early pregnancy was followed by another fall in the fall ... But we didn't give up, spring 2009 is coming. Another positive pregnancy test, but only a very slight smile on my face. We were terrified of Tibi's twelve-week ultrasound. The first thing I saw was, yes, his heart beats! We were happy with Tibi, but I didn't see the face on the Doctor's face. He studied a great deal, and he also invited a colleague. Finally, the bad news was confirmed by a consultation colleague: a very thick blanket ... in fact, the baby's whole body has a cover that shouldn't be there!
- That put you in a terrible decision!
- We got a date for one of the best genetic doctors in the country, who immediately suggested a termination of pregnancy due to the severity of the genetic disease!
At that moment, I felt like I wanted to die too! I had to decide on my child's fish, the roula we were so bad for! This is not a dead pregnancy, this is a living baby whom I love to speak to, who has a second meaning to my life as soon as I know it is growing in my tummy. I couldn't really talk about it with anyone. All they said was that there was going to be another, and Erik was here, she had to grind, if not more. When I said these, I just looked in front of myself and wondered if they could hear what they were saying or just talking? Will there be another and Erik here? Yeah, here it is, and I love it, but I've lost my third baby since she was born, and this baby says "I have to live." After consulting with the anesthesiologist, I just expected to fall for it. Of course, in the hospital ward this time, the woman was just one of many abortions… I felt terribly depressed, and I didn't understand that people who were there for me and expecting abortion, laughing and talking about arrulov.
- And after that, your current pregnancy?
- No! This autumn I had another spontaneous abortion! I didn't know if I was brushing or laughing. I felt like I was in a Brazilian soap opera. At the beginning of 2010, I realized that I could not spend myself alone in the events of the past period and asked for help from a psychiatrist doctor who had been inconvenient for me. He accurately understood my problem, my feelings, and did not try to convince me that there would be another, but he encouraged me, no matter what he said, to make up for my losses.
"You had to release the lost dolls in beasts so you could conceive again ..."
- For anyone who lives or has suffered similar losses, I would suggest that you do not care about anyone's opinion, curb your pain so that you can prepare for a newcomer with lighter lives!
- And now we're going to give birth in weeks, as you see in a nice round tummy! Did it go so smoothly after these?
- Whether relief, talk or wonder is the answer, I don't know, but another positive pregnancy test in April indicated that a little life was in my tummy! However, until the eighth week, nothing was seen on the ultrasound! Another race with time began and concerns about the twelve-week ultrasound. But the result was reassuring: everything was fine! I couldn't believe it! According to the genetic doctor, the girl's fetus may have been a gender-specific problem due to a hereditary problem. If all goes according to plan, our second baby boy, like Erik, will be born on Monday, January 24, 2011!

What is a mummy?

Sanskrit is called Shilajit, a natural resinous material precipitated from the heat of the Himalayas by the heat of the summer. Because of its high trace element content, it is an excellent dietary supplement that has a particularly beneficial effect on the kidneys, urinary tract, and genitals. Ingredients: benzoic acid, hippuric acid, starch, iron, mica, resins, antimony, calcium, copper, lithium, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus, sodium, strontium, zinc.
Seven years of failed infertility treatment, then seven weeks of pregnancy, such a miscarriage, a pregnancy abortion due to a genetic disorder and two healthy children! These events proved to be a turning point:
New partner
They turned to nature healing and received the offered medicine with confidence.
With extraordinary perseverance, Anikou was able to recover from many failures and losses and start over.
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