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Advent Games - Results Scoreboard

In the first week of our Advent game, you can name it with your own Advent calendars. Watch the beats!

First turn - Advent calendars

Christmas Tree Dependent
In the first place, based on your votes, is the work of our lovely readers of the Christmas tree hanging, "andrealazarc".
Angelic Advent Calendar
Based on your votes, we have a beautiful stitched and faded Advent calendar reading "ejhaj2012". The specialty of your calendar is that it can be used again every year.
Reusable Advent Calendar
There was also a fake and reusable victory in third place based on your votes. Although we can't quite figure it out, but if you see it, we also have small pockets for the calendar, called "JCsilli", to hide the little surprises.
The top ten players with the most votes in the competition will also be rewarded. Here are the other winners:
baby bump
We will mail the bids in January.
Congratulations to the winners and thank you very much for your work!