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Treatment of maternal injuries: what is covered by TB?

Unfortunately, after childbirth, it is not uncommon to face different maternal deaths that need to be corrected, rehabilitated, and restored.

However, these are not always covered by Social Security, but there are some treatments that are supported. What are these treatments, and which are not funded by the state?Birth and pregnancy can go hand in hand with maternal deaths

The bruises remaining after the cesarean section

Dr. Timmermann GbborAccording to Dr. Rurbert Kuhrhazz, director of medicine, it is necessary to distinguish between the need to reconstruct the effects of vaginal birth or cesarean section and the general problems of pregnancy. -After cesarean section, the scar is the most scar, the abnormalities of the scar are those that can be confusing, these cause a major aesthetic problem, for example if they are not fair enough, have a scar or a so called keloid, wild-type thickening. These can be remedied by pruning, then re-stitching and then treating with different creams and silicone patches. It is also a very common problem that the scar is retracted - a build-up in the abdomen - which can simply be released from the base and so on, - explained by the doctor's director. It is also possible that a lump forms under the scar, which is a cartilage, a scar: it can squeeze, filter, and sometimes endometriosis on the scar line, which can also swell and burn more and more. According to the expert, these have to be surgically excised - mostly with local anesthesia - and all of which can be performed on a TB basis with a gonadal or plastic wound. - However, there are also laser treatment methods for scarring, such as scarring, scarring (because the scar is often pigmented or has a very reddish color), and scar reduction. Such treatments are performed by us at our laser specialist, so these interventions can be carried out without surgery, which, however, is not covered by the social security system. dr. Timmermann Gbbor.

Common Pregnancy Problems

The specialist said that stretch marks are one of the aesthetic problems that are commonly corrected among pregnancy problems. These can also be laser-leveled like scarring, but the striae cannot be completely eradicated, but much can be improved. -Skin loss due to pregnancy can be tightened with laser treatment, or often with abdominal surgery. There is a more serious problem, called redhead, in which the abdominal skin is very basic: it can be done, for example, from a social security fund, a publicly funded plastic wound, or a general wound. the doctor administered it. The stomach muscles - straight and side abdominal muscles - can improve a lot with a gymnastics, a special gym, but if somebody develops hernia or these abdominal muscles tear up so much that afterwards the abdomen will get so bent that even if you do exercise and give up the excess, you will not be able to get it back with plastic surgery, hernia repair or muscle tightening. The pregnancy can also develop pigmentation in places that are worth eliminating. These can also be treated with laser treatment, depigmentation, and the application of various white creams to bring them back. - Mammalian changes can occur after pregnancy, which usually refers to a reduction in the volume or condition of the breast: in this case, the breast collapses, which can be repaired by inserting silicone inserts into the breast. If one has a very tight, sagging breast after childbirth, it can be pushed up the corrective line while the overly enlarged breasts can be reduced. Because these are generally considered to be a cosmetic plastic procedure, they are not funded by Social Security. In the past, this was possible, but so many wanted me to not support it anymore said dr. Timmermann Gbbor. Among breast surgeries, TB is most likely to support someone with an abnormal difference between the two breasts - one is very small and the other large - and has severe breast deformity that causes high levels of psychiatric strain.

The vaginal birth trauma

In the case of a natural vaginal birth, a common problem with postoperative postnatal surgery may be more common if it does not heal: in this case, a plastic surgery may be performed to prevent the old scar, - Thick scars can be lasered, but sometimes they do the barrier fracture develops a so-called fistula, which is constantly wound and sometimes connected to the bladder or bladder, which the wound can eliminate. It is also often the case that gold bullion is made, which can be leached, dehydrated, proctologically. These procedures are also funded by Social Security, the expert said. Lumps can occur in the vagina after childbirth, and often include vaginal enlargement, especially in women who have a large baby, have multiple births, It is concluded that the wall of the vagina is not capable of regeneration, recovery. -If the vagina or the vaginal inlet develops, it may be aesthetically problematic or cause problems in the household. There are also women who are exposed to air or water in the vagina: mid-day air, which when confused, gives a disturbing sound, and when you fall or bathe, water in the vagina, which can also cause problems. They can be sealed with a vaginal plastic or with a plastic vaginal inlet the doctor's director said. In the case of vaginal surgery, the breast - if there is only a vaginal implant - and the vaginal implant - if there is an ulcer, or an end of the cancer, which is the end of the epidermis. These surgical interventions can be chosen in a state-funded form. - The plastic itself is not as burdensome for the body, but also for the head and the scar, which diminishes the normal repair of the vagina, makes the wall stiffer, and it also impairs sexual pleasure. Just as new technologies have been developed, the vagina can be tightened by laser, the vaginal wall can be tightened, which is not as effective as the surgical procedure, but it is avoidable. Laser technology is a very cost-effective operation, and at the moment there is no support for it, but its effect is very long-term Dr. Timmermann Gbor said. A common problem with natural birth is urinary or fetal incontinence: the former is more common, which is often accompanied by vaginal shrinkage and vaginal wall fatigue. -Most of all, vaginal surgery can help, with different ribbons that can lift the bottom of the pelvis and put a tape underneath the ankles, with which we can tighten the section of the bladder that is located on the bladder neck, so the zipper function will be much better. These can also be accomplished with social security, but here too, laser technology, which is stress incontinence and mixed incontinence (when stress and Also, there are no workarounds to remedy these problems, explained the doctor's director.

Is there any other financing?

The expert was also asked if any other manager could be funded by the TB, perhaps any other support could be sought, but unfortunately this is not possible. - If you have someone's health savings, you can use these interventions - he added - and I have also come across a case like a $ 350-450 thousand incontinence laser treatment We financed the manager with an annual low interest rate loan facility.Related links:
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