Childhood Urology Problems (Part 2)

Congenital malformations of the kidneys are now the most common cause of ultrasound in intrauterine life.

Urology in childhood

General problems

30% of the developmental abnormalities detected in the fetal life affect the genital organs. Serious differences are corrected in the postnatal age. Continuous check-up and care is the responsibility of the home physician after specialist care. In cases where post-natal follow-up shows improvement, first and foremost regular check-ups are required. In our experience, if the transport system has maturation in infancy, there will be no subsequent corrections in infants. In these cases, it is strongly recommended that the family doctor carry out a long, broad-spectrum antibiotic treatment only after a specialist examination. The foreskin is generally not retractable, as the glans and the inside of the foreskin are cellularly adherent. First and foremost, it is necessary to check that the external pituitary gland is free. In infants, revealing the vulva is important to exclude possible small lip adhesion. They also cause reversible vulvitis, damage caused by excessive swelling, or cause congenital malformation. The adhesion of the small lips is usually easy to dissolve in a single movement, and this should be done in due time, since losing urine will maintain inflammation in the formed pouch, and may also cause urinary difficulty. Physiologically, both sexes are infantile, with good urine flow, without fatigue, at least as thick as a match. If the kьlsх hъgycsхnyнlбs free, but vizeletsugбr erхtlen, only the drip ъjszьlцtt, sьrgхsen be tisztбzni the vizelйsi nehйzsйg okбt because sъlyos organ eltйrйs бllhat mцgцtte.A vizeletvйtel lemosбs utбn care of this cйlra rendelkezйsre бllу felragaszthatу segнtsйgйvel sterile bag and you have already felszуlнtбsra it is from the middle of the urine.

Not posted here (Retentio testis)

If one or both of us are not in the scrotum in the mature Newborn, we have nothing to do with inguinal palpation until the age of one. In this case we have to use Choriogonin, and in case of failure it is recommended to use a mortar with an optimal time of two years. If the testicle is not palpable, you should be convinced by ultrasound or MRI examination of the testis. If requested, a survey should be conducted.

Vizier (Hydrocele)

In the open process, vaginal fluid accumulates between the burqa of the testis. Newly born or. on the other hand, by the age of two, there is a chance of spontaneous closure, surgical intervention only of extremely large size or. justified in case of tension. Diagnosing the diagnosis is the task of a specialist, as the clinical picture may include an acute cancer test.

Variations in the Scrotum (Scrotal Areas)

Acut scrotum. Applying suddenly, scrotum with edema, skin, means testicular pain. Mindenkйppen immediate intйzeti beutalбs szьksйges.A tйves diagnуzis the halogatбs jбrhat.Tнpusos the case here elvesztйsйvel its megбllapitбsa to elvбltozбsrуl the mellйkhere gyulladбsos folyamatбrуl or tбrsulу gyulladбsбhoz the perineum scrotum or testicular herefьggelйk torziуjбbуl eredх цdemбrуl szу is the specialist who бltalбban does not cause seriousness.We should underline that in the typical case, as often other clinical symptoms appear without scrotal areas, do not present as local (scrotal pain, edema, cancer) or general (eg.). In the case of children referred to the institution, the following should be decided in a very short time. 1 wound care is required for surgery or other treatment is warranted. 2. if surgery is needed, it should be done immediately or postponed. 3. During surgery, it is necessary to decide whether or not to remove the testis due to the lesion.The wound may have a significant effect on the child's life in the case of intrascrotal solid Because of these reasons, the widespread and widely practiced procedure for treating solid intrascrotal spaces is the best therapeutic solution for the wound. This is supported by the fact that in such cases, the tumor must also be accounted for by atypical herethoria, and can be rescued over time by surgery.
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