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Babapopsikrém test: these are the best

The Association of Conscious Friends has tested 29 baby beans. We have examined whether they contain ingredients that constitute a health risk.

The Conscious Consumers' Association has 29 editions of tested baby beans (anti-diaper cream) available in domestic shops, drug stores, and bio stores. We examined whether they contain ingredients that pose a health risk. The baby's buttocks may turn red, so it is almost common practice for parents to use some kind of popsicle cover every time they change their diaper. It doesn't matter what the ingredients of my popsicle are. These are the best baby bugs In the test, it was positively evaluated if the product contained non-flammable zinc oxide, this substance absorbs moisture from the wound surface, thus filtering and regenerating the skin. It was also found in 24 of the 28 products tested - on the Conscious Consumers page. : cumin, chamomile, ragweed or vetch.

These are worth avoiding

Potential hormonal or carcinogenic parabens and triclosan were not found in any of the products tested, but there were some less risky, but more important ingredients to be avoided. Some fragrances can be allergic and irritant, even if they are of natural origin. Fragrances are typically mentioned first in the name of the product, Parfum. The most common allergenic compounds should also be reported by name. Limonene and linalool were the most found in the products tested. suspected hormonal effects have been suspected in previous studies, but in only 2 products tested have these ingredients been used. But popcorn ingredients are According to a survey of international consumer organizations, petroleum-based ingredients may be contaminated with mutagenic, toxic substances. Independent quality natural cosmetics (eg BDIH, Natrue) are not allowed. According to a comprehensive analysis, the use of petroleum derivatives for cosmetic purposes does not translate into skin penetration, mutagenic effects. Even so, because of the bipartisan redemption, we are conscious of choosing a product that is made from vegetable oil whenever possible.


The highest score (97%) was given to Lavera baby and baby skin cream and DM anti-babylove anti-diaper cream. Also without any point deduction, Töpfer babycare baby booties achieved an outstanding result (93%), with NAOBAY baby booties getting third place with 90%. All of these products have premium features; And, publicly related to this, they were virtually non-critical. The goods are very different, there are some between $ 4,000 / 100ml but also $ 550 / 100ml each. Although none contained very critical cosmetic ingredients, most lost points were that they each contained a potentially allergenic fragrance that did not recommend any such sensitive skin area. but the big difference, there was no material difference between the price and the result, so the more expensive the better the product is.
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