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Tranquility test is not available in Hungary yet

The Tranquility Test is a non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) that, according to our information, is not available to pregnant women in Hungary.

Tranquility test not yet available in Hungary (photo: iStock)In 2017, Julia and her couple lost a twin couple. Eight weeks later, they had conceived their little sons, and since Julia was thirty years old, her doctor immediately suggested amniocentesis, which she refused because of the risk of miscarriage. Then he met Tranquility: "My doctor's assistant recommended the Tranquility test, which was in the middle category, and was able to take the blood off quickly. The result came in just under a week. filters that I had never heard of before. I was completely confident in the test, I didn't regret the money. I couldn't have processed a contest spiritually. "

The cég

The Tranquility test developed for prenatal screening, which, according to information on the manufacturing site, has the highest European Union quality assurance accreditation, was developed by Geneva-based Genoma. Genome is a company specializing in genetic analysis, diagnosis and counseling. The Genome is affiliated with Esperite N.V., the Netherlands. This group of companies operates the international Cryo-Save brand name, which is familiar to many of us with Cryo Save Hungary Kft. One of the largest Hungarian stem cell banks lost its customers in the summer of 2019. Among other things, this has led to the loading of Cryo-Save Hungary Ltd. and other foreign affiliates.

But what are NIPT tests?

As the first trimester of pregnancy expects free fetal DNA to circulate in the mother's blood, this helps to determine fetal risk for a number of genetic disorders. An entire examination only requires a maternal checkup, so risky invasive (intrauterine) procedures can be avoided.
A characteristic of NIPT tests is that they are not only risk-free but also very reliable They also produce fewer false alarms.

What does Tranquility know?

This test is a screening for the most common three trisomies (Edwards syndrome, Patau syndrome and Down syndrome), and is also a sex chromosome anomaly (Klinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, Jacob syndrome, Jacob syndrome, Jacob syndrome, Jacob syndrome) it is also suitable for filtering structural changes (microdeletions). Previously, there were three packages available for pregnant women in Hungary. The most expensive package (Tranquility Karyo) also included electronic digital karyotyping, which made it possible to examine the entire chromosome status.

You can't reach it

The Genium Health, Family Planning and Diagnostic Center, where it was previously possible to complete the test, has received information that it cannot be missed, and is not known Anna Shevchik also, is based on the Baby Genetics Movement, which has a wide range of up-to-date information on all new generation NIPT fetal screening tests.
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