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Parents are more susceptible to parenting than boys and are much more sensitive to changes.

Parents' wishes, the break-up of the family, have a long-term impact on children's health, and according to research, the changes are even worse for the children.

Parents are more tolerant of girls

"THE kislбnyok health much йrzйkenyebben responds to changes in the family structure. Previous research has shown that parents' expertise largely influences cognitive and emotional development of young boys, but that non-traditional (for example, lonely) adults are also more likely to suffer from depression. Andrea Beller, a senior researcher at the University of Illinois, an economics researcher, is the lead author of the study. The study used data from a major research study collected from about 90,000 teenagers. Professionals analyze the data of children it has their mother alone bred.
I found that she counted so much how old the baby was when the parents were specializing. "Between the ages of 6 and 10, children are very sensitive and vulnerable. If they are traumatized, they have to deal with an increased risk of problems like depression, a patient with diabetes," Bell said. "The health of the girls was worst when the father was not present at all in the child's life. And if the specialist came in before the child was 5 years old, it didn't even improve the later risk if the mother was restored. was a male specimen in the family. "
According to Beller, family relationships have changed a great deal in the past decades: in 1995, when the first wave of data collection took place, one in three teenagers grew up without a father, but these rates are still higher today.
The study was published in the Review of Economics of the Household magazine.
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