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The childbirth profession rallies against parents' beliefs

More than half of parents refer to community media sites if they have concerns about the health of their child, according to a recent domestic survey.

The childbirth profession rallies against parents' beliefsAccording to opinion polls conducted by the Kiskanl Kommandou Child Dietetics Movement, 1364 people with 51.1% of parents raising small children prefer a member of an online group of professionals than ask a pediatrician to do so. Service personnel in many cases you have already only kerьl child, miutбn the online diagnosztizбlбs csхdцt say йs are turning to small бllapota sъlyosra, йs kуrhбzi kezelйst tevйkenykedх igйnyel.A gyermekgyуgyбszatban professionals нgy pediatricians, vйdхnхk, dietitians sьrgetnek цsszefogбst the problйma megoldбsбra: CSECSEMХKOR, Early Childhood: A THE ROLE OF SOCIAL MEDIA - ALSO WITH CHILD SAFETY June 29th, Fri 11 am URBT, In Budapest roundtable beszйlgetйsre invite the domestic media of the social media - bloggers, group admins - to start a common thinking, education for the health of children. The profession's goal is to provide credible information, free of false beliefs, to parents, even if they do not seek expert advice first. Dr. Pytta GyцrgyChairman of the Home Pediatricians Association, Dr. Czech Bron, President of the Young Pediatrician Section of the Hungarian Pediatricians Association, Csordzs Бgnes, President of the Hungarian Widgets Association, Klaus Melinda, social media experts as well Lukasz Rebekah, leader of the Kiskanбl Kommandou.