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The baby season should not be about gold mining!

About the intimate complaints of childbirth, only the moms talk to each other, or even they, because they care if something is wrong "down there. It is not enough to stop, and for many, gold mining also gets unpleasant weeks. However, it could be avoided.

Do not give birth to the golden age during the baby boom!

The meaning of "what no one has given you in the weeks after childbirth," for a little baby, is just to say that your tummy does not go down immediately, your baby's blood can be too strong or gold articles are also worth discussing in such articles, which is also a common problem during the period of regeneration and baby habituation. At this point, if you "be" the goldsmith, yeah even though it is unpleasant, can be painful. However, it wouldn't even have to happen if the expectant mother got ready in time and shaped her life during pregnancy so that she wouldn't even know this more than an unpleasant problem.What is a Goldsmith?
Goldfish disease is the end of the varicose veins, protrusion, protrusion of the varicose veins. Occasional inflammation and even erythema may occur in the distended blood vessels. Symptoms include: Long-term, itchy sensation in the epiglottis, painful heartburn that can be accompanied by bleeding. In more severe cases, it may also be difficult to maintain the breed.

Tumbling against the gold mine - in 6 steps

- In your turn, note that fiber intake be assured! With a daily dose of greens and fruits, eat whole wheat bread and muesli, and possibly enrich your food with oatmeal, oilseeds, and wheatgrass! Fibers are the best aids in digestion. They ease heart disease, so you can avoid one of the most common causes of gold disease, congestion, and the regular anxiety that goes with it.
- Don't forget to drink enough, 2 liters a day anyway, because there is little to no more than abundant fluid intake!
- As long as you fuck, get a move on: Exercise is essential for good blood circulation, good blood circulation! You can find dozens of small-childminding exercises around the country, or you can find the right kind of gymnastics-led exercise online.
- Strengthen your ghosts, quit the intimate gymnastics, follow life-saving tips for gothicism - not even crazy! All of these can help prevent not only the gold rush but also the drip that often occurs after birth. In fact, the regeneration of the baby is also faster. Observe your hygiene: keep intimate areas clean and dry. Wear a well ventilated, properly sized (not too small and not too big and possibly not thong-like) white. After using the toilet, be sure to have a wet cloth, or you can shower or use the bidet.
- Don't stumble a lot, but survival is no better! If you are forced to live or stand still for a long time, periodically move all of your cartilage so that the pressure on your abdominal veins can be reduced!
- Be wrapped in your hospital package goldsmith's gift, especially if you have had bloody complaints before or during your pregnancy! Talk to your doctor about which product can be used safely both tummy and breastfeeding months!
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