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Awning, baby, awning

Rocking reminds babies of the fetus. Experience what your baby loves when he is cold, what makes him laugh when he is rested.

Slow, smooth movement calms down. Let's get on a rocking chair or an umbrella, take the baby and move it gently. Not sure that wisdom is worth it: the newborn may be frightened if we tip it off, wrap it around rocking it, support it on two sides.
Let's lift it up, make a decision, and walk it upstairs to make it affordable. We can dance with it, and fall asleep on us in a generous way. Avoid heavy movement immediately after a meal.
Put it on our table and gently fold it, then surprise it with a big squeak - six months old for baby wombs.
Let's cross our legs, place the baby on our airborne flap, hold our hands, and rock our feet. Enjoying the baby, training for the mom.