So why not fuck the baby's corner in the cityWhat to know about PKU (New Year's Eve Metabolism)?

PKU, or neonatal metabolism, is a mandatory blood test for all neonates, enabling the detection of serious metabolic diseases. The corner is the color.

What you need to know about PKU?

In the first few days after birth, newborns are required to undergo compulsory examinations: a physical examination, an examination of the sense organs, a test of throat and developmental abnormalities.The PKU exam is 48-72 after birth. It comes from a blood sample taken out of the air.They metabolize PKU metabolic diseases that can cause serious health problems: phenylketonurea, hypothyroidism, and galactosemia. In the mid-80s, he underwent this metabolism, and since 1997, it is historically required. Early detection and treatment can prevent or the disease cannot be recognized yet. With screening, early detection is guaranteed, and treatment can begin at an early stage. Blood shedding is a delicate angle when a drop of blood is enough to pass a screening test. The color is safe and the baby is not endangered.If there is any problem with the result, they will suggest a second error. However, a repeated examination does not necessarily mean that the baby is suffering from a metabolic disease, the most common reason being that the first sample cannot be unambiguously concluded, for example because the baby is premature. But, of course, it can also mean that the baby has suspected metabolic disease.
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