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That's how kindergarten plays

In the fourth year the world expands. The fantasy of a kid is not impossible!

The kids start playing together, they don't just hate each other. At this point, most children deserve to go to community: the presence of their peers is already in demand.

Kindergarten kids love to play together

His fantasy is endless: the symbolic games. The roller coaster will be the trumpet, the coffin on the chair, the bear cave. Everybody is interested, trying to observe, try and imitate everything. She likes to dress in costume. In these cases, х Batman or Hufehrke. The roles are still not formatted, Batman is Batman because he looks like that.You can focus on one thing for a long time, keep you busy, so the playground is getting bigger. Some have a passion for learning about a subject: dinomnia, auto, train ... are you familiar? It is better for the parent to be well prepared because after a while the child knows the car or the data of the dinosaurs better than he does!

What do we play?

Among the cars we are interested in the car models, matchboxes, which are the real racing cars. Smaller parts are not a problem in the kits, and they are precisely trimmed with the ever-sleeker fingers. Sports equipments, balls, bowls, trampolines, bicycles are popular toys, girls love to dance. Painting, typing, trimming, folding, which develops fine movement, are gaining more and more success.More articles in this topic: