Vaccination may become increasingly dangerous

As a result of migration, vaccination may become increasingly dangerous, according to a recent study by the World Health Organization (WHO).

According to János Slavik, an infectologist, migrations may lead to the return to Europe of diseases that have disappeared completely due to vaccination, and this danger is only exacerbated by the continental vaccine.Vaccination may become increasingly dangerous
Doctors find it very difficult to recognize the illnesses we have forgotten, he pointed out.
He said that in developing countries they still have diseases that are not or only rarely found in Europe, such as tuberculosis. In Western Europe and Hungary, the number of tuberculosis cases has decreased, but this disease is still widespread in some countries of migration, he added.
Anti-vaccine is primarily caused by web beliefs that are read on the Internet, and should be corrected to convince parents of the importance of vaccinations - explained by János Slavvik.Related articles in the field of vaccination:
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