It was revealed who won the Prize of the Year 2011The most important point was given to the birth of Ignatius Semmelweis Ignác Center of Miskolc and the University of Kourrbaz.

The prize was based on the name "Birth of the Year 2011" to let the little ones and the families decide where they want to give birth.

The official award ceremony took place on September 7, 2011, in the exhibition hall of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The recognition value increases that winners can receive individual awards such as: dr. Kissné dr. Ildikó Horváth, Head of the Department of Health at the Department of National Resources (given by Bt), Julianna Csetneki, the head of the MESZK Slesinsky Section (given in the room allowance), dr. Zsofia Meyer, OGYEI Director General (awarded for Children and Nursing), and Durra Prokopp, former physician and presenter for equipment and environment.

Dnjtadou at the Academy Hall
Photo by: Fbbiбn Olga

Parents voted for home, state, or government-owned births in three months of online voting.
The purpose of the prize was to have the speech of the deceased and the situation of the birth, the work and the appreciation of their helpers. Accordingly, babies were rated in three categories from May 2 to the end of July, such as nursing, nursing, and basic expenses.
Of particular interest during the voting process was that only users who linked their registration on the site to their Facebook account could vote. This was due to the credibility of the vote: the owners of the boys had to have at least seventy acquaintances, or at least one post, like or uploaded photo that was over 90 days old.
And the interesting result of the competition is that there is no one among the high-traffic, highly-equipped capitals out of the list. At the same time, the Semmelweis Ignác Center for Nonprofit Ltd. and University Teacher Kourrbaz of Miskolc and Margit Kurrbz of Csorna also received two awards. The full list of results can be found here.
- The end result is worthless to all of us, all the more so because, over three years, we have been working with the magazine's reporters on all the births that are still in operation, and based on our experience. Bblitz Йva, the And a Pregnant Magazine fхszerkesztхje. - We think that the emotional wind is lighter, while the names of the famous, high-priced capital birthers have higher expectations for compensation;
The winners of the overall competition are:

Miskolc Semmelweis Ignбc Health Center Nonprofit Ltd. and University Teacher Training (1st place)


Kemenesalja United Kourbaz, Celldömmk (2nd place)


Margit Kуrhбz, Csorna (3rd place)

Winners of the category competition:
Living room category
- Margit Kуrhбz, Csorna
Infant and Parenting Category
- City Council Kabtai Gbor Borough Council, Karcag
Equipment and environment category
- Miskolc Semmelweis Ignбc Health Center Nonprofit Ltd. and University Teacher Kourrzb