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5 Decisions That Couples Should Make Before Having a Child, But They Can't Rule

It is best that you discuss the following questions with your client well in advance of the crumbs just above the positive test.

5 Decisions That Couples Should Make Before Having a Child, But They Can't Rule

They're trying to read the sample script below with Nimi's irony.

1. Will you exclusively breast-feed or give formula to your baby?

Did you think the thing was bare, that it would somehow feed your child? No, dear mother-in-law, the thing is, everyone's going to be interested in you, from the moment you get your little one out until you can eat a more serious three-legged lunch alone. Whether you are breastfeeding on demand, even at 6 months or 2 years old, whether you are breastfeeding or not - these are all requests that you are better off with, as the topic is of interest to you, Well, hopefully you will say that you naturally breastfeed your baby, and in particular you can listen to the importance of breastfeeding until the end of the day. Not that you have never heard a roulette, and that you have not done everything in your power to succeed. The next very important decision: will you do it publicly? Will you just stop breastfeeding in front of strangers or will you rather retreat to the breast (even stay home)? If you have a hard time or do you want the whole thing in the middle of your back, will you buy the formula? If so, do you still have to decide what kind of humiliation you can bear? If you've only thought about doll room decor, you already know that there is plenty of min.

2. Where will the child sleep?

With you? Are you sure? Kisбgyban? Are you sure this will be the best for him / her? There are a lot of contradictory lyrics on the Internet about one or the other. According to some experts, it is best for your baby to sleep with you, and to suffer severe mental illness in particular. However, according to others, even if you close your eyes even once between little children, there will be no sex parts until the age of 10. After all, everyone knows that you can only have sex in the bedroom and in the evening. Another key question: will you let the baby cry? Will you anesthetize or let him / her kill you? Depending on who you ask, based on your answer, you will either be cruelly speechless or prodigious to your mother.Also, it is better to get ready for the night? also on request. No matter what you choose, the client will surely tell you the tutti.

3. What stroller and car are lost? (Yeah, right?)

The answer is more complicated than it sounds. You're just losing a smooth autistic child travel system-case? Do you want to start exercising again 6 weeks after birth? In this case, you may need a trolley. How big are your cars? Will the stroller fit into the trunk? And one thing: how much do you love your child? I mean, so much so that you're ready to buy a million strollers that are so soon covered in milk stains and covered with mildew? Are you ready to watch Youtube videos on the night at night? First, you need to choose the perfect car. And of course you also need to operate it. Good luck with the newborn on and off lifting a couple of days after birth!

4. Where's the little chick going to go?

Yes, we know what you think now. "Wait, two days ago, I found out I was pregnant, do you mind thinking?" Well, the thing is, yes, no. It is overwhelming in most cases, so if your child is two years old and wants to have a baby, you may be tired of getting into a third-rate, distant institution. Well, it's not too early to ask for it in your neighborhood, and even ask for the first time that you want it to appear in the calendar. who can get into the vacant places. One word as a word: It's not too early to ask. Not even which ones will go to Gyed?

5. What will be your parenting style?

This is almost like asking a sports brand which team you are supporting. The answer doesn't really matter, and it's important that you vote for each side, you have to defend it in your life. Just to mention a few of the possible teams, we want to tell you about parenting styles: Montessori, allowed, authoritative. Dr. Spock Are you going to be a faithful mother or a free-spirited super mom like French women? You can guggle them - for your own responsibility. Now you know that you will not simply be guided through queries that you have never heard of. Just don't be nervous, dear mom (it's good for this birth, you better get used to it), we're all over somehow!
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