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Increases Risk of Heart Disease by Prenatal Alcohol Consumption

Pregnant parents should avoid drinking alcohol before conception to prevent childbirth from congenital heart failure, see the Journal of the European Cardiology Society (ESC).

Even before conception, it is worth avoiding excessive alcohol consumption by parents Source: iStockPlastic congenital heart disease is the most common birth defect occurring every year. These conditions also increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in adulthood, even after a possible surgical intervention."Alcohol consumption by prospective parents is risky and dangerous, and it severely jeopardizes their health as well as increases the likelihood of their children being born with insanity." says the author of the new study, Dr. Jiabi Qin, who found that the father's alcohol consumption increases the risk of congenital heart disease by 44% and the mother's by 16%. The former number is also surprising because previous research has only investigated the relationship between alcohol intake and fetal harm from the perspective of mothers; alcohol spectrum disorder. In addition, every fourth child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome also has congenital heart disease, so the relationship between the two is also well illustrated in this statistic. Excessive alcohol consumption However, Dr. Qin still calls for greater caution, he says male members of couples planning to have a baby are advised to avoid drinking for at least six months before conception, and for women, suggest a full year and ban alcohol during pregnancy.A recent study looked at data from 41,747 children born with ailments and 297,587 healthy children. Based on the results, the parents' excessive alcohol consumption was clearly related to the increase in the risk of congenital heart failure, but there was no statistically significant result for the lower alcohol consumption. Qin said: "The szьlхi alkoholfogyasztбs йs the veleszьletett szнvbetegsйgek цsszefьggйsйnek alapvetх mechanisms mйg uncertain tovбbbi which makes kutatбsok justified Although elemzйsьnk korlбtozott - pйldбul not meghatбrozottak the exact mennyisйgek йs the alkoholfajtбk - the vizsgбlatok so far mindenkйppen уvatossбgra advise. Ajбnlott the csalбdot tervezх fйrfiak йs nхk szбmбra total avoidance of alcohol consumption. "(Via)