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Little kid on the holiday table? - Avoid the chaos!

In families with small children, sometimes the sweet chaos around big holidays is bigger. Here are some helpful tips to keep you from falling asleep on the holiday table…

Not impossible, it only requires some organizer. We help you with the Christmas dinner with a little thought.
  • You don't have to do everything for you. Your closest relatives will surely be happy to help and recommend salad or dessert. This souped-up dinner reinforces the family bond.

  • Choosing pre-cooked meals (including) in the menu will help you better share your tasks, stay less in the last half, and celebrate more liberally.

  • Whether it is for lunch, snack or dinner, the essence is now that you are most comfortable.

  • Your couple will be happy to help if you find out in advance what you are expecting. You can buy drinks a few days in advance, or you can take the kid off for a walk on a fraternity day.

  • In this case, the little one is also thrown up, and requires more attention. Who's dealing with it? Share the role of parent and mother with someone.

  • If kids come in, you can distribute them outside: a sure success for every pinched wall.
  • Avoid the chaos at Christmas!


    The ordinances and the recurring activities they help the children navigate the ever-growing world. Of course, there may be exceptions to the established customs, especially during the holidays. If you change things at the same time, or change very often, it creates uncertainty in us. It doesn't matter if you break your routine once in a while and get to bed or not get your usual lunch. In this case, you'll need a lot more patience, don't be sorry if you're not as flexible. The bigger you are, the better you understand that in some areas, granny can afford to spend more than mom. Stay relaxed and let me experience some time, and you will kцvetkezetes stay.They may also be interested in:
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