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Grуf Esterhбzy Kуrhбz, Pбpa

In many respects, a working birth between the walls of a 250-year-old castle is not able to meet the most advanced needs, but human intervention overcomes the obstacles.

- When the baby comes to the department, we already have a lot of important data to go to, as it is usual for her to get pregnant. It's very important from the point of view of safe birth, he says dr. You're fishing, Laszlo Head of Department.
The prospective mother first meets the nurse, she calls the nurse doctor. They perform the necessary examinations, the fetal voice and the ultrasound scan inform the fetus about the condition and determine the next steps to be taken. There is no need for shaving or shaving, as is the case with the incision, although the chief physician does not like to avoid the latter because of the risks involved. There are no alternatives in the living room besides the ball, but the butterfly does not have to lie down and can walk while undergoing a 60-minute instrumental examination.
- I was there at the birth of my own child back in 1977, so the presence of my father was natural to me, and I was glad to see my father in the nursery. Many times we talk about discouraged men to support their couple in these difficult, intimate quarters - explains the chief physician.
During childbirth it is only possible to relieve pain in medicine or to administer gas. In almost all cases, the dressing is done with a spinel anesthetic. In the case of premature babies that have begun, it is always important to consider whether to transfer the mother to Veszprém with an ambulance, as the baby can take an unexpected turn at least 40 minutes. Premature or sick babies are also transported to a hospital in Veszprém.
Early breast placement and skin contact are encouraged by all doctors and nurses. The class teaches mothers to breastfeed, bathe, and diaper for twelve years. A nurse is also available to help with breastfeeding. After a smooth birth, she can go home on the fourth or third day after a cesarean section on the fifth.
The chief physician said with great pride that the first prize was awarded to two papal hospitals at a professional exhibition organized by the Chamber of Commerce.
There are smaller wards among the reconstruction plans of the hospital. This is also the head doctor's word.
Facts, figures
380 children were born in the hospital in 2010.
The proportion of cuttings is 28 percent.
There is a two-bedroom living room.
There is no choice for a parent, you can choose a doctor.
The engraving, shaving, sectioning meeting is a subject, not obligatory.
There are two quadruples in the children's class and a three-room gym.
Babies are with their mothers during the day and spend the night in the Newborns class.
There is no single room, pay room.
Pregnant care is provided by doctors at the hospital, and birth control and nursing attendance are organized by nurses.
Childrens lounges are not open to visitors, and a small lecture hall has been set up.
(This article highlights January 2011 status.)