He managed to raise 700 million for Zente

The good news was announced by Zente's mother on her created Facebook page, where she started the collector.

(Source: Facebook) As previously described, treating a little boy with a very rare disease, SMA (Spinal Cord Dystrophy), is very expensive, and costs $ 700 million. Without treatment, SMA is a fatal disease.The mother of a two-year-old baby boy has been running a campaign on Facebook to help pay for the expensive medicine. The family was donated in forints, euros and pounds, By Tuesday night, it was close to $ 592 million, raising $ 90,000 and £ 12,000, and by Wednesday morning, it had reached $ 700 million.Zente's mother announced the following post:The mother asks everyone not to transfer more money, because the constitution created is of no use, so the amount you enter can only be turned over to Zente, you can't give it to anyone else out of the money. But he is asking anyone who has ever donated to send any other Hungarian child SMA to the small child or adult he or she would have intended for Zent, ​​since he or she is not the only patient.It came in all of the few weeks that the collection began at the end of August with the family of Zente, started by Zoltán Muga's violinist donation of $ 1 million, and the campaign ended on September 17th in the media. In addition to giving money to the little boy, Zoltán Muga also posted a post on Facebook for donating more wealth to Hungarians.