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Success stories XXII. - Why Alaska?

The house has zero degrees, outside 30 inches and minus 15 degrees, combined with firewood sufficient for about two days, snow on the road. That is, it is all given that Kernynyi will spend this year's holiday in the village. Mehetьnk!

Normal conditions like this cuddle into their well-heated homes, and get their noses out of there only when necessary. On the other hand, Dad from a motorbike factory in Borica - necklace, hula hoops, glacier, ice cream, ice cream with ice (!) - and over for SUMMER. TЙLEN. It sticks, stirs up water, cuts off wood, leaves snow, and of course you pack. We are only going to go down for two weeks, but if we were to be locked away for half a year, "fortunately" we still have enough supplies.
Global warming
Well, this does not start with our farmhouse, but for the rest of the day it is okay to store noodles, so I will also decapitate the family. You have to try it because it is melting for Christmas (not to miss the winter heat!). But then the two cops were sitting there in the trunk.
So we choose: dress up in the room, winter tights - stockings, sweatshirts, safety suits, skirts, hats, hoodies. (All this, twins, yes, twice!)
- Dad, I need to pee! (!?)
(Well, this is where the last day's done man comes in, because under that one's head, you can cool down your head.)
- Dad, let's move on.
- But Dad, don't run!
- Daddy, do you mind the humpback?
- But huhmembej is not going to sing?
- But you would rather hang out with your mother!
- Let's talk tomorrow!
- Unfortunately, by tomorrow, huh will melt.
"Was it yesterday and will spring be tomorrow?"
Now, do I explain to two three-year-olds that there have been four seasons that have changed each other for the most part quarterly?
I used to say this to my friend Béla Jin: - We are on the right track in the fight against global warming, but we are not going to the right department! (If you don't have a bullet, throw it in your dum ?!)
Huhember had neither hands nor feet ...
Ingredients: good adherence to freshly dripping wet heat, red hats for pots, egg briquettes for coat buttons, nose yellow ripple, hand cirrhosis We roll three balls - big, medium, small - we stack them and we're done. (After Gordon Ramsay is free.)
He's sparking, so he's frozen. I'm still stomping on access to the New York soup, but I only find coal in the "Tabbit" book museum. The one eye in our red pot is pleasantly overwhelmed by mulled wine, I won't give it! The broom belonging to the house is weathered. From here it is nice to win!
The statue remains. Let's scroll through a human high hump!
- Dad, do you store hubbub mole eggs?
(Let's drink some mulled wine!)
Let's try to shape the resulting stack into a HUMAN!
Possible Developmental Stories: Jabba from Star Warsbull, Chuback from the same, Yeti, polar bear, Hummer. Yeah, you might be humorous, but ours!
(Let's drink some mulled wine!)
Chestnut instead of briquettes, vivodling for tongue-in-cheek, with rupee okay.
And now the trouble comes. The so-prepared (dumbbell and potato bodybuilder's) son of a bitch is sold to the twins. (Imploring the apбk nevйben kйrek all ьgyes kezы rajzolуt йs illusztrбtort not always draw a tцkйletes, szйp hуembereket, nйha megtennй a clumsy ormуtlan hуgnуm also plenty magyarбzkodбstуl kнmйlnйk the hуemberйpнtх csalбdfхket.) Not beszйlve the kйtnaponkйnti olvadбsrуl йs ъjabb hуesйsrхl. (Let's start all over again!) Poor wild geese were hanging out like this once, at noon, sometimes at night (you could almost hear the "V" shape squeaking into a snare) like Bella's friend is dying or have you opened and gone?).
- Dad, the Estonian goose is not flying wild goose?
- Because they could come back in two days. And laziness, such as worship after fishing and logging.