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Back pain during pregnancy: this may help

Back pain is one of the most common complaints that pregnant women have. Here are some tips to help you ease your discomfort!

Pay attention to your posture!

As the fetus grows, so does the "center of gravity" of the pregnant mother's body, which is how we maintain our balance as before. To prevent falls (with noble simplicity, forethought), we may tend to back slightly, which can put a strain on the muscles of the lower part of the back. Let's push ourselves, lower our shoulders, and let our spaces loose. We should be in a small posture when standing, and if we have to stay longer (eg when cooking), put one of our legs on a pile of balls.How To Avoid Backgammon!

Wear matching shoes!

Our grandmother's feminine "maternity shoes" may not have been the most aesthetic, but not practical. Wear low-heeled (but not completely flat) shoes that support the toe! Avoid the corners because you can easily lose your balance!

Lift with care!

If we need to lift something, let's squat down and lift it up, because we use the legs and not the back muscles.

Sleep on your side!

Pregnancy is the most comfortable sleeping position when lying on our side and bending our knees. We can put a bigger cushion between our shoulders, under our stomachs or behind our backs.

Exercise regularly!

Regular, delicate exercise helps to keep the health of the back healthy and can also be effective against back pain. It's a good idea to walk, fall, or do some special gymnastics, exercise every day (via) You might also be interested in: