Stomach upset in the kid

Stomach, gastric ulcer, and diarrhea are called gastric ulcers, and they are most often inflammation of the stomach caused by viral or bacterial infections.

Stomach upset in the kid

Stomach upset is a common disease in children, and can be caused by eating stale, overly digestible or spoiled foods. It is also more common in young children because the stomach acid levels in children are lower than those in adults, resulting in a lower stomach overload. In these cases, infections caused by the ingestion or other pathogens cause inflammation.

Symptoms of stomach upset

Sudden onset is loss of appetite, stomach ache, flatulence, malaise, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. If infection is the cause of stomach upset, fever may also be present.

Treatment of stomach upset

Whatever the cause of the illness, we must do likewise. Usually there is no need to relieve vomiting, as this is a reflex that helps the child get rid of burned food and, in the case of a virus infection, the most important thing to do is to do it. After completing the vomiting, wait a few minutes and then slowly water the child with a sip every 10 minutes, which may be water, chilled fruit or tea. Because of the ions, it is advisable to give sugar, salt and liquid at the same time, which is good for feeding the turnip and drinking the sugary tea. Oral fluid purulent capsules can also be obtained in a pharmacy. How strict a diet is, is divided, but it is common to avoid giving small quantities of milk to children for a couple of days. Even if you do not have a very strict diet, you should avoid incremental foods, such as foods for the stomach and the gastrointestinal tract. Let us know when they come through and what they eat. "You can eat, you have to drink!"
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