IPV: Protection against child molestation

Heine Medin is one of the most feared representatives of comorbidities. There are memories from the Middle Ages that prove that the disease was present at that time.

THE XIX-XX. In the 19th century, it resulted in many sacrificial claims. Cases with persistent insults have "healed" causing immeasurable human suffering. The most severe form of the disease manifested itself in asthma, and the perception of such patients decreased only after the introduction of modern machine rehabilitation. Child paralysis was native to our country, the first significant child molestation occurring in 1931, but the marital situation became very serious in the mid-1950s. In 1954, 1957, and 1959, severe laws emerged. The last adventure took place in 1959, with the Salk vaccinations already underway. To this day, we have a fellow countryman who is tied to a polio victim. Following the application of the Sabin vaccine, no new cases have occurred in our country, and the last individual disease caused by the last domestic-born wild poliovirus (naturally occurring) occurred in 1969.
The tudomбnyos цsszefogбs erejйvel the hatйkony vйdхoltбs bevezetйsйvel йs a disciplined vйgrehajtott oltбsi jбrvбnyokat sikerьlt megfйkezni the programs, and the szбzadfordulуn in remйnykedhettьnk that organized the vadvнrus cirkulбciу megszьntetйsйvel, WHO sikerьl for posts by these people vilбgmйretы emberisйget vйgleg megszabadнtani this szцrnyы betegsйgtхl цsszefogбssal.
Today we come to an important position in this gigantic struggle: the competent WHO Regional Committee declared, declared and officially recognized the European Region's polio-free status on 21 June 2002.

Voltage (Sabin and Salk vaccine)

In Hungary, in the '50s, worried parents with children died terribly, ill, friends, acquaintances, or children of strangers who were either disabled or died. In July 1957, the largest vaccine in the country introduced inoculations of childhood vaccine viruses, all in an inactivated form, which were injectable. Salk vakcinбval. These defenses continued in 1958 and 1959, however, in 1959 a new law emerged. This made it clear that the inactivated vaccines produced by the current technology did not elicit a level of immunity sufficient to prevent the vaccine. Following the first vaccinations in Győr County, the first vaccinations with Sabin vaccine were carried out in 1959, and every year until 1991, this year the children were aged between two and 38 months. Since 1992, vaccines with prior oral polio vaccines have been replaced with continuous vaccines with a trivalent vaccine. Vaccines associated with vaccination have been aimed at combining the use of a high-potency Salk vaccine and a live virus vaccine.
According to Egйszsйgьgyi Vilбgszervezet ajбnlбsa the йlхvнrus tartalmъ Sabin Vaccine (OPV) alkalmazбsбt 2010 should vбltani the inaktivбlt poliovнrus tartalmъ vakcinбval (IPV) all orszбgban because mindennemы poliovнrus the poliovнrus Fцldrхl valу vйgleges eltьntetйsйhez - the gyengнtett oltуanyagvнrust well - elхfordulбsбt (cirkulбciуjбt) must be eliminated.
The new vaccine scheme, which was introduced in Hungary in January 2006, fulfills WHO requirements by using multiple components of new vaccines. The infant 5-component (DPaT-IPV-HIB) vaccine and the 4-component booster vaccine (DPaT-IPV) have all types of inactivated (pre-emergent) polio. The vaccine virus is treated with formaldehyde to create a monkey-derived artificial cell line. It contains very small amounts of neomycin, streptomycin, polymyxin B to prevent vaccine infestation.

You had a reaction

The response of the vaccine, such as multiple components, to the birth control of a child, is usually accompanied by the usual symptoms: flare, local swelling, redness.

It is contraindicated

If you have had a severe allergic reaction to a previous vaccination, you should not receive any further vaccination for anaphylaxis. In case of acute febrile illness, vaccination should be postponed.

Vaccination in case of travel

In some countries of the Earth (Africa), polio has been a problem to this day. When planning a trip, the International Vaccine Center will provide information on whether polio vaccination should be reconsidered.